DIN 4102
Part 1, section 6.2 (normal flammability)
The advantages

Reduction of purchase costs for wooden pallets due to the fact that even used pallets as well as damaged and disposable pallets can be taken to the high-rise rack thanks to the pallet shoe;
The use of master pallets is not required;
Minimum loss in height by using the pallet shoe;
None or minimized need of staff for unloading, turning over or preselection of wooden pallets;
No malfunctions in the high-rise rack during loading and unloading operations due to contour following of the pallet shoe;
Long service life of the pallet shoe for utilization in the high-rise rack, approx. 384 service lives, in production approx. 288 service lives;
Reduction of attrition during transportation of wooden pallets inside the pallet shoe;
Reduction of cleaning expenses in the framework of materials-handling technology HRL and ground-surfaces in production and storage sectors thanks to the use of pallet shoes;
Improvement of hygiene in the production department due to the lack of contamination caused by wooden pallets;.
Wooden pallets loaded with raw materials and inserted into the pallet shoe can be transfered direct to the production department by means of fork lifts;
Approved by the Local Veterinary Authorities in the field of the food processing industry;
Easy and fast cleaning of the pallet shoe thanks to the PE-material used;

Avoids malfunctions by optimized transportation of faulty or not custom-fit pallets;